When it comes to taking care of a foster child, it is no different than taking care of your own child. From clothing, food and roof over their head to provide the basics in life, the Sunshine Angels strive to take it that step further to make a difference, provide hope and most importantly to let the child know that they are cared for, valued and loved.

Everything you need to do for your child, we need to do for a foster child. Recognize their accomplishments, help them to learn, celebrate their birthday’s and special occasions, provide them with supplies that they need for life and school as they grow. When you stop and think about all you do for a child, you take a step back catching your breath from exhaustion and counting your blessings.

At Sunshine Angels, we count our blessings every day and not just with one child but with more than 300+ foster children here in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We strive to provide them with that ‘family’ feeling, love and support each child needs in order to grow up strong, stable and healthy, and so that they can successfully transition from foster care into their adult life when they turn 18. The Sunshine Angels and all of our volunteers and partners together TEAM up to make a positive difference one child at a time.

Sunshine Angels Team Partners
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