Now you can decide where your tax dollars go.

The State of Arizona has designated the Arizona Foster Care Charitable Organization Tax Credit to help at-risk foster children while also reducing your state income tax. What this means is that your donation is a ‘dollar-for-dollar’ tax credit on your Arizona taxes. So a gift of $100 means a $100 tax credit! This makes it easy for you to donate to a great cause and at the same time reduce what you owe the state in taxes and get that money back as a credit!

All donations must be received by the tax filing deadline for the tax credit to apply to the current tax year. Here’s how it works:

  • Donate up to $1,000 (for married couples filing jointly) or $500 (for individuals) by the tax filing deadline.
  • You will receive a donation acknowledgement letter from the Sunshine Angels for tax purposes.
  • Arizona State Income Tax filing: No need to itemize to claim credit. Your state income tax will be reduced by the amount of your donation to the Sunshine Angels.
  • Taxpayers may utilize several tax credits each year for other categories. For example you can use a tax credit for Arizona Foster Care as well as for qualifying charitable organizations, public and charter schools, private schools, etc.

What Is An Arizona Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization?

Arizona law allows you to claim a tax credit of up to $1,000 for taxpayers filing jointly and $500 for individuals for voluntary contributions you make during any taxable year to a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. The Sunshine Angels have met the requirements below:

You must provide assistance to low income residents of AZ, or chronically ill or disabled children. In addition, you must serve at least 200 children in foster care in Arizona and spend at least 50% of your budget on ongoing services to children in foster care. Sunshine Angels served more than 800 children in 2015. Approved charities’ names are listed on the Department of Revenue’s website (

The Sunshine Angels is a 501(c)3 (Tax ID # 20-3369185) and is a certified
Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization.

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