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12 Who Care September 2012 Award Recepient: Sunshine Angels

The Sunshine Angels was recently honored by KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix, Arizona for the ’12 Who Care Award’. We were presented the award by Daniel Selznick of the Roomstore.

Our Interview with Destry Jetton, Host of Arizona Midday at KPNX Channel 12


[Destry Jetton] “Are you ready to put a smile on the face of a child in need? Well, you can! Thanks to the Sunshine Angels. They provide joy and love to foster kids in group homes. There motto: “Touching lives and making a difference one child at a time.” And they’re outstanding work here in the Valley has earned them this month’s ’12 Who Care Award’.

We are joined here now by Vice President, Sandra Hurst and the Roomstore’s Daniel Selznick as our ’12 Who Care Partner’.

Thank you both for being here, we apreciate it.

[Sandra Hurst] Thank you for the opportunity to tell our story, we really appreciate it.

[Destry Jetton] You know what, people should hear your story because a lot of people don’t know that there’s groups out there like yours that are helping kids and they can take part in it. So, let’s tell everyone what are… who are the Sunshine Angels?

[Sandra Hurst] Gladly! We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit and we benefit children living in the Sunshine Residential group homes as well as other group homes. There’s 30 group homes with approximately 330+ children. And our volunteers are passionate about what we do.

[Destry Jetton] Now let’s talk about some of the things you guys do… some of the examples of how this program really enriches the lives of these children. What are some of the things you guys do?

[Sandra Hurst] First of all, there is always a birthday celebration. Each child gets to choose what kind of cake they would like, and they get $5 in a card from the Angels. We have a luncheon celebration for the graduates in the summer. Also the Sunshine Group homes have a basketball camp in the summer after school is out and we provide each child with a brand new pair of athletic shoes. We also send kids to camp and we celebrate all of the major holidays.

[Destry Jetton] You know it sounds like when you were talking about having them pick out their cake for their birthday, it sounds minor maybe to a lot of people out there, but to those kids it is really something important and special.

[Sandra Hurst]. It is. It is very special. We also supplement their clothing… their clothing allowance is only $150 a year. So we have an Angels closet where we have new and gently used clothing. We also maintain the ‘Angel’s Attic’ which helps the children transition from the group home into independent living once they are 18. And, there is a big need there because we have the data to tell us that of all the children who leave at 18 that in 3 months more than 50% are homeless. So, we have to be here for the long term.

[Destry Jetton]. Daniel, what do you think when you hear about the Sunshine Angels?

[Daniel Selznick] Well I think they’re doing a really ‘need’ job that’s out there and they need to continue to be commended for the job that they do.

[Destry Jetton] Why is Roomstore part of ’12 Who Care’?… Why is important for you guys to do this?

[Daniel Selznick] Well, one of our things is to try to give back to the community that we serve and we like to focus that on areas where there is need so there was a perfect opportunity for us to become involved.

[Destry Jetton] And you have the presentation for us today?

[Daniel Selznick] Absolutely. You’ve been selected at the ’12 Who Care’ recepient for this month, and keep up the good work it is well deserved.

[Sandra Hurst] Thank you so much!

[Destry Jetton] Absolutely. For everyone watching today, how can the community support your program?

[Sandra Hurst] Well of course we need members and mentors. We need donations. We have two fundraisers a year that we could certainly use help with, but we need a champion. We need someone in business or maybe in the sports arena or maybe in show business that can give us that connection with the public. So we could really bring the need to the forefront of the community.

[Destry Jetton] Terrific. Thank you both for being here, we appreciate it. For more information or call the number on your screen and if you have a non-profit you’d like to nominate for ’12 Who Care’ go to

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