Sunshine Angels Mission Statement


The Sunshine Angels are a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that exists to support and enrich the lives of foster children in the care of Sunshine Residential and Group Homes, in Maricopa County. Currently there are 330+ children from ages 6-18 residing in the 30 facilities of Sunshine Homes.  The Sunshine Angels have been volunteering and helping children in several foster group homes around the Valley since 1999, officially becoming a charitable organization in March 2006. We serve the foster children of Sunshine through outreach and positive interaction to promote their health and healing.  The Angels are volunteers who, after meeting these children, knew instantly they had to get involved and become the ‘grandparents’, ‘friends’ and unconditional support missing in these children’s lives.

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Our vision is to show unconditional love to these children to instill within them the confidence and self-esteem needed to overcome many obstacles on their journey from foster care to independent living.


Our mission is to bring about greater success in these children’s ability to achieve positive life skills and become wholesome citizens, through our outreach which includes providing birthday, graduation and holiday recognition, assistance with clothing, computers and school supplies, summer camp and other wholesome recreational opportunities, and helping the foster children transition to independent living upon reaching age 18, when they are discharged from the foster care system.


Our goals include maintaining our current giving, adding a college scholarship, and increasing logistical and financial support to foster youth at age 18, when they must move out of group home care and into independent living.


The Sunshine Angels maintain a presence year round in the lives of the Sunshine foster children, by providing them with support needed to achieve success in school and in life. Our outreach includes providing recognition of life events and their needs, such as that received by children in traditional family homes. Foster children face many disadvantages which often lead to lives of drug addiction, unplanned pregnancy, homelessness and hopelessness. Through our presence in the children’s lives, they learn that they are loved and deserving of success. We provide school supplies, clothing, computers, mentoring, birthday, holiday and graduation recognition, summer camp and other wholesome recreation opportunities, cultural event tickets and passes, and support to transition to independent living after group home care.

The Sunshine Angels have goals for enriching the lives of children in foster care with Sunshine Homes. While the children are under the age of 18, our goals primarily are to help them overcome the obstacles they face by providing them with the education, guidance and encouragement they often lack without family support. A greater goal is to help them survive and thrive through these early years in order to avoid the statistically common fate of many young adults aging out of foster care, which include dropping out of school, drug addiction, unemployment, prostitution, homelessness, gang affiliation, poverty and suicide.



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